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Our Story

Heart For Families was founded in 2014.  A local group of pastors and lay leaders who were passionate to see the hope and healing of marriages and families through the gospel of Jesus Christ met over common concerns about the average family in our Franklin community.  From that meeting, a Marriage and Family Agreement was drafted and signed by our local pastors.


Since 2015, Heart For Families has organized over 20 large-scale trainings and events in the Franklin area focused on empowering individuals with skills and resources to help them strengthen their marriage and family.


Today we continue to network and foster partnerships among churches and the community with explicit intentions to strengthen the family.  We believe that through prayer, intentional planning and focused follow-through, we will have a generational impact and will see marriages and families held in honor among all. Ten years from now we hope to see a new standard of unity and collaboration in our community on behalf of the family that will last throughout many generations.

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