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Heart For Families is...

A faith-based, community coalition working to make a generational impact by enriching marriage and family relationships.


Heart For Families (a faith-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization) is passionate about strong families.  We provide help in varying forms and format to promote relational strength to the broad sets of needs in our community by:

  • Sponsoring, promoting, and presenting small group studies, workshops, seminars, classes, retreats, counseling, and other resources to strengthen and enrich marriage and family relationships.

  • Training marriage mentors who can walk with those preparing for marriage or desire help in their marriage

  • Helping local churches and others by supplying systems of support and/or recovery for fragile families, single parents, blended families, distressed marriages, pregnant teens, and individuals struggling with dysfunctional relationships.

We are grateful for a wide variety of people dedicated to the Heart For Families vision, mission and goals:

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